Tips to Improve your view

It is very important to take care our view because it is prone to diseases (cataracts, nearsightedness excess …) and to deteriorate over the years. It will help avoid eyestrain, protect it from direct sunlight, and also increase food intake to promote health.

This article will give you tips to improve your eyesight, and keep it healthy.

Food useful to protect your view

There are many foods that will help us maintain our healthy sight. Among them:

  • Vitamin C: It is important to consume daily because this is an excellent antioxidant that can help us significantly reduce cataract
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  • Carrots: You’ve probably heard more than once the carrot is very good for the eyes We recommend drinking juice fresh carrot at least two or three times. a week, as the carrot has beta carotene – best known for helping our eyecare –
  • Col: sprouts are very useful to take care of sight. Cabbage leaves contain lutein, which help us to protect eyesight. To enhance its effectiveness add red onion, as it has an antioxidant that helps us also to take care of our eyes.
  • Blueberries: To help us keep our eyes healthy, we will use blueberries, as they contain anthocyanins, that will help us eliminate toxins that reside in our eyes. Please, take blueberries with caution especially if you are taking other medications.
  • The unsweetened chocolate: sure you want to see chocolate on this list; chocolate has flavonoises that help us keep blood vessels in good condition. We will take special precaution unsweetened chocolate, which owns about 60 or 70 percent cocoa content.

Rest sight

You must rest your eyes during the hours needed, this allows us to repair those minor damage that may appear on the ocular surface. The fact few hours sleep, or stand in front of the computer, phone, or television for many hours can be very damaging to our visual health. It is very beneficial enough sleep, rest your eyes for 10 minutes every fifty if you are exposed to television, the computer, mobile … Apply cold, go to the eye doctor once a year and keep good habits.

Take good care of your glasses

Do not be the scratched glass or loose frames. Your vision goggles are helpful for your view and you must give maintenance required and you see more appropriate, then you should use it to the extent that prescribed by your ophthalmologist.

We must clean wet and products they have given us in optics. Battered glasses do we force more sight.

The anti-glare should not be considered a luxury, it helps the eyes better cohabit with artificial lights and cost us much less focus.


We must take care very well of sunlight, because like it may prove to be harmful to our body, it can be for our vision. Sunlight, even in winter, is annoying. We must bring sunglasses quality, and not of any store because the latter tend to spoil more vision. Sunbeams can wear the eye, for example, and cause problems such as cataracts, retinal burns and many other diseases.


Many studies show us that we should never use appliances such as television, mobile, tablet computer or dark because this the end of the day just creating problems at graduation, and wearing and causing extreme fatigue to our eyes. When we see a dark screen, our retina is activated to perceive light, and the periphery of the retina is activated by darkness. All this ends up causing our pupil dilates, and more light than necessary. Beware the sight of the dark, but you’ll notice it much more eyestrain.

Your eyes should be moist

Watch if you suffer from dry eyes, if so, carry prescription artificial tears or drops that can help keep your eyes moist. Dry eyes can cause us headache, discomfort, wear, blurred vision, among other things.

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