Tips for a good pregnancy

To have a good pregnancy is essential to be mentally calm and prepared, well look at our physical health. The harmony we seek in our pregnancy are based on these simple tips for a good pregnancy:

1. Make exercise during pregnancy

To have an ideal weight for our welfare and for the baby is of great importance physical exercise. It will help make swimming, yoga, walking, pilates …

The realization of steady but moderate exercise will help us achieve our cardiovascular and muscular condition is favorable, and also correct our posture. This will provide the pregnant patient a better physical condition to face the best way to pregnancy, and also with less risk.

Physical activity will help us excellent way to combat stress and increase our levels of serotonin, a substance closely linked to our mood.

If you go to the gym, you have to avoid saunas and hot baths during pregnancy.

2. Take care of your diet

During pregnancy you should not eat double what you need, it’s more, you only need 300 extra calories a day. You need to consume a lot of protein. The amount of calcium, however, is the same, but at this stage it is very essential to make sure that you consume it, for better bone development of your baby. You have to know that we should avoid raw meats, soft cheeses, milk or juice unpasteurized, or raw seafood also. Avoid certain fish because they may contain high levels of mercury.

3. Rest well

If you feel rest during the first and third trimester of pregnancy is very likely that your body will be asking for a better rest. Rest all the time ask your body will temporarily stop some of your responsibilities and rest. Lift your legs and stay relaxed.

4. No alcohol, no to snuff or coffee.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages , or smoke. For any amount you ingest will eventually pass into the bloodstream, cross the placenta and the baby coming quickly; you may end up with a blood alcohol level higher even than yours. This may increase the chances of having learning disabilities, speech, attention, language … it increase have a spontaneous abortion, or the baby is born lifeless.

In addition, any drug pass into the bloodstream of the baby. Marijuana restricts the growth of the baby, and cause withdrawal symptoms (tremors) baby.

Cocaine is very dangerous during pregnancy. Restricts the flow of blood to the uterus, and may cause a spontaneous abortion or premature birth.

If smoking snuff during pregnancy, increase the risk of spontaneous abortion galleys, and also that the baby has serious growth problems, or an abruption occurs.

Cigarettes that you avoid during your pregnancy will give your baby a chance to be born healthy. If you can not quit for yourself, you should ask your doctor for help.

Also, remember that cigarette smoke from other smokers also produce risks for the baby.

As for caffeine, it is recommended that women limit their caffeine intake. Women who consume caffeine during pregnancy doubles the risk of abortion, or detachment of the placenta. This stimulant also may interfere with your sleep, and can cause you headaches or heartburn.

5. Take care of your emotional health

Mood swings are common use during pregnancy; but if your mood swings are exaggerated you can be going through a depression.

If you feel depressed, anxious, and there is nothing that can make you feel better it is advisable to talk to your doctor to recommend you to a specialist.

6. Use appropriate clothing

Bring very comfortable clothes, including shoes; suitable for the weight and volume that we will experience. This will help us blood to circulate better, and that our skin stay healthier.

7. Go to your doctor visits

You must periodically go to the gynecologist, so do the corresponding tests and to have prenatal care. monitoring the health of our baby will be, and ours; specialist can inform all our questions and concerns.

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