tips to extend the life

Lengthening life depends on many factors, but it is not easy to control the years we live with absolute certainty. Of course, we must limit the bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, have poor nutrition; since all this can affect markedly to our life expectancy. gradually incorporate small habits with which we will win in health; some are known and recognized, others very simple, and others who do not yet know. Here we give you some tips to extend life.

Have a healthy diet

A healthy diet will help progressively, and it is very important. Failure overeat help us age more slowly, because excess calories will increase our thyroid hormone, responsible for slowing down the metabolism and thus, accelerate aging. It is important to have well controlled hormone.

– We’ll eat fresh fruit and vegetables

– We will eat slowly, at least we will devote 30 minutes.

– At night we eat lightly

– Have dinner at least two hours before bedtime

– We will monitor with light products, because they may have less glubosa, but more of carbohydrates.

Beware of the sun

The sun can be very harmful and damaging resultarnos if we abuse our exposure to the. To prevent skin cancer, and live longer, avoid direct and prolonged sun exposure, as this will help us prevent the same aging of our skin. We will use always or almost always sunscreen and will not take the sun in hours where we expose ourselves more.

Rest is important

It rest properly help us fight stress, and stress is the great enemy of vitality, happiness and lengthening of our life; under stress we grow old faster. The hours required rest at night because that is when our body regenerates growth hormone. Thus, we limit the intake of caffeinated beverages in the afternoon or alcohol (plus they are harmful, not help to sleep well) and follow certain times when we sleep and when we wake up. And we must not go to sleep seconds after looking at the computer, mobile or TV; not because they help reconcile sleep well.

Take care of your dental health

Taking good care of your teeth should include a good brushing and flossing daily, as this prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth causing many diseases, especially periodontal inflammation of the gums; among others, as these can provide a deterioration in our body and affect our willingness to extend life.

Live accompanied

We are social beings, and millions of studies indicate that people who live alone or in solitude have lower life expectancy. Those who have fewer social relationships, are at increased risk of premature death unlike those who do live accompanied or do maintain contact with other people.

Personal fulfillment

Get addicted to some hobbie, studying for what you want to be, learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do; these are avenues for personal fulfillment, which will help us lengthen our lives and become happier. If you are happy, you grow old later. If you are happy, you move away stress and you live doing what you love.

Goodbye to physical inactivity

Physical inactivity is a great enemy to our health, many studies indicate that sitting too long, or not maintaining an agile life, raises the risks to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes; in women increases the risk for breast cancer, and cancer in men prostate.

Drive less

If drive is convenient but in actual practice very harmful to our health. Since noise pollution, pollution of the environment, to psychological (stress increases). Driving is heavy, and the stressful traffic. Driving too amounts to a reduction of physical activity, and raises our blood pressure. It also increases our waist circumference, and is closely related to stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and social isolation. If you move on foot, by public transport or bike you’ll be more aware around you, and enjoy the ride. Try it, you’re also helping the environment.

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