Myths about food

There are many false advice that we have always heard about the food, and that are not true. In this article we reveal all the myths that have always given valid on food. It will surprise you!

Fresh foods are more nutritious than frozen (False)

This is false information. The cold freezer maintains the qualities of food without altering them. The fact freeze, for example, fish or meat do not contribute less nutrients than if you ate fresh.

Fluid retention causes excess weight I (False)

Both overweight and obesity are characterized by excess body fat, not water retention. We are strongly advised not to use too many diuretics are control us by a specialist, as this can be very harmful to our health advises.

The “light” foods are good for slimming (False)

In definition, they are food light that has been reduced or even eliminated them one of its caloric components. This does not mean that serve to adelgacemos. It may be that fatten less.

Bread fattening? (False)

The bread is not fattening! It is a food with a high caloric value, moreover, is low in fat. What it does have is bread carbohydrates. Another false legend is one that says that the bread crumbs fat, a lot. This is false, too, if the crumb is more fluffy appearance is that retains more water.

Coffee raises blood pressure us (False)

Coffee is a stimulant since it contains caffeine. But even so, its effect on increasing blood pressure compared to other types of food is minimal; for example, the salt can itself overused cause a large increase in our blood pressure.

Skipping breakfast thins (False)

Not true, not slim skip breakfast. Many people may think that the fact you avoid breakfast can help increase your weight, but it is actually the opposite. People who skip breakfast experience a lot hungrier in the next few hours, and leads us to consume more food as appropriate day. The vital thing is to eat a lot at breakfast, a little less on food, dinner and a light dinner; so, in this way, our body can eliminate the calories throughout the day, however if we eat a lot at night and then we go to sleep, this does not occur.

The beer belly (False)

There are many people that believe that the habit of taking more than 5 beers a week can cause the “gut or beer belly”. However, many experts consider the beer belly does not exist. The main increase of fat in the abdominal area is especially due to an unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Weight gain, of course, is not caused by drinking beer.

Sleep, fattening or slimming?

A popular belief indicates that many hours sleep our body produces fewer calories remove. According to this myth, the fact few hours sleep helps us thinning and thus combat obesity.

The reality is different, because if our body has a good performance is due to the intrinsic relationship between sleep and food. Adequate sleep hours is great vitality to our body. Some good sleep habits allow us to avoid hormonal disorders, increased appetite, increased food intake ….

The milk is only for children (False)

Milk is necessary to continue consuming, therefore provides a large range of nutrients and plays an essential role in our diet, because their amino acid composition and its bioavailability.

It is one of the most complete foods that we can have. Milk is rich in high quality protein, calcium, vitamins type A, type B vitamins and many other nutrients; it is also good for our bones.

Many experts recommend we take between two to four servings of milk a day, depending on our age and our physiological state. As for women and evenings, take a much more important milk, it provides us an extra supply of calcium to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis our.

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